Pre-orders Open Now for Pokemon TCG Shining Fates

December 11, 2020

We are now accepting Pre-orders for Pokemon TCG Shining Fates, which releases on February 19, 2021. Pre-ordering Is the safest way to guarantee that you receive your items on release date. If you are interested in any of the items please speak with a DL Staffer at the store or by calling 832-761-0072.

  • Elite Trainer Box – $69.99
  • Pikachu V Collection – $24.00
  • Venusaur V VS Blastoise V Double Deck – $32.00
  • Mad Party Pin Collections (4) – $20.00 (ach A. Polteaguest B. Galarian Mr. Rime C. Dedenne D. Bunnelby)
  • Shining Fates Tin (3) – $30.00 (E. Eldegoss V Tin F. Cramorant V Tin G. Boltund V Tin)

Pokemon collections are red-hot right now and we’re sure to be allocated on our numbers. We reserve the right to limit quantities at any time, before or after your pre-order, but we do try very hard to ensure that everyone gets what they want.

Pre-order by December 17th to help avoid allocations. With that in mind please only sign up for what you intend to purchase (do not put “allocation” numbers). Over ordering without intention to purchase will prevent you from placing pre-orders in the future.

**The Pokemon TCG Shining Fates Premium Collection (Crobat VMAX or Shiny Dragapult VMAX) does not release until 03/05/2021 and is a separate pre-order. If you are interested in these items please let us know as well.


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