Summer Camps at The Lair!

May 30, 2019

This summer, do you want your kids doing

Dragon’s Lair summer camps promote socialization, interaction, and FUN! This summer we’re offering these great camps which meet from 1-4 Monday through Friday. Each camp session is $100 and campers go home with approximately $50 worth of related products! A snack and drink are provided daily. Give us a call to register today at 832-761-0072

June 10-14: Board Game Camp

  • Hundreds of games in our library to explore, taught and facilitated by DL staff
  • Maximum 12 slots
  • Recommended ages 8-18

June 17-21: Dungeons and dragons Camp

  • The world of Dungeons and dragons is ready to take your young adventurers on an exciting, heroic journey!
  • Maximum 18 slots
  • Recommended ages 9-18; ages 9-14 and 15-18 will be separated into their own tables

June 24-28: Card Game camp

  • Learn to play the collectible card games Magic The Gathering, Keyforge, Pokemon, Dragon Ball super and Star wars Destiny, taught by our fiercest competitors and judges!
  • Maximum 12 slots
  • Recommended Ages 10-18

July 1-5: RPG Camp for Younger Adventurers

  • Even your youngest can join us for adventure with My little Pony and No Thank You, Evil!
  • Maximum 12 Adventurers
  • Recommended ages 6-10

July 8-12: Miniatures Games Camp

  • Learn the joys of painting miniatures, then go to battle with your newly decorated army of miniatures!
  • Maximum 12 Slots
  • Recommended Ages 10-18

July 15-18: RPG Camp

  • Want to try something off the beaten path?  Try out Genesis, Numenara and others as we journey into other RPG systems!
  • Maximum 12 Adventurers
  • Recommended Ages 10-18

Additional camps in August for D&D and Board Games!


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