Theros Prerelease Weekend

January 12, 2020

The return to Theros is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! Along with that, we’ve got some great events planned for this set’s prerelease, primarily in the special Ironman event!

Our current timeslots are:
Friday, January 17 @ 7pm
Saturday, January 18 @ 12am
Saturday, January 18 @ 6am: Ironman!
Saturday, January 18 @ 12pm
Saturday, January 18 @ 5pm
Sunday, January 19 @ 12pm: Two-Headed Giant
Sunday, January 19 @ 5pm

With our new Ironman timeslot, you can have up to 5 continuous prereleases, back to back! That’s twenty-seven hours of Magic! And, the more prereleases you do non-stop, the greater the prizes!

Three prereleases: An awesome shirt saying “I Survived DL’s Theros Ironman!”
Four prereleases: The t-shirt and two Theros Theme Boosters of your choice!
All five prereleases: The t-shirt and a Theros Bundle!

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