Coming Soon: The Lost Caverns of Ixalan

October 26, 2023

On Friday November 17th be prepared because TREASURE BITES BACK! Magic the Gathering is bringing together dinosaurs, ancient gods, vampires, merfolk and pirates in their ninety-eighth expansion release. Ixalan is a Meso-American inspired plane full of wild jungles where dangerous beasts, sprawling ruins, and lost treasures lie waiting to be discovered.

The product lineup includes all the usual goodies – draft boosters, collector boosters, set boosters, bundles and commander decks. Here are some of the unique cards that players and collectors will want to look for!

Cosmium Neon Ink: Marvel in each intricate detail as the prehistoric world comes to life in the vibrant glow of cosmium – a rare resource found in Ixalan’s planet core.

Showcase Frames: Each god on Ixalan will be honored with these intricate depictions that are worthy of the divine!

Jurassic World Collection Cards: These cards feature brand-new artwork that showcases scenes and characters from thirty years of Jurassic World storytelling across the many feature-length films.

Special Guests: A class of reprint cards from The List that can be pulled from Set and Collector boosters.

Although this set officially releases on November 17th, you can get your first taste of it at one of our special prerelease events – click the link below to register and save your spot!

Friday November 10th at 7pm
Saturday November 11th at 12pm
Saturday November 11th at 5pm
Monday November 13th at 7pm

2 HEADED GIANT ($70 per team): Sunday November 12th at 2pm

DRAFT ($25 Entry): Tuesday November 14th at 7pm