Unsung Heroes of Marvel & DC

June 1, 2020

Ok, we’re not saying that Iron Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and the many variations of Spider-Man aren’t great to read. However, there are a TON of other characters in the universes of the “big two”  that tend to get sidelined and deserve a bit more time in the limelight. Read a bit below about some of these more obscure characters!

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur (Marvel)- Moon Girl is a 9 year old prodigy named Lunella Lafayette, and may be the smartest character in the Marvel universe (even eclipsing Tony Stark). She shares a link with Devil Dinosaur and together they unravel mysteries and fight foes.
Get to know them in: Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur vol 01: BFF

Blue Beetle (DC) – One of the oldest characters in the DC universe (first appearance was in 1939), the Blue Beetle is more title than individual, as three people have taken on the mantle thus far. Blue Beetle is known for being witty, resourceful and humorous. 
Get to know him by reading: Blue Beetle vol 01: The More Things Change

Cyborg (DC) – Part man, part machine, Victor Stone was saved by his scientist father after suffering a terrible accident that left most of his body broken. He can interface with computers and possesses incredible strength alongside a staunch resolve to do good. In his comic career he has been a member of both the Teen Titans as well as the Justice League.
Get to know him by reading: Cyborg vol 01: The Imitation of Life

Hellcat (Marvel) – Patsy Walker a.k.a Hellcat, was once an ordinary American teen who dons an ability enhancing costume to become a hero. Her character arc has taken many twists and turns over the years as she struggles with her relationships and identity.
Get to know her by reading: Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat vol 01: Hooked on a Feline

Amethyst (DC) – Raised as a human, but in reality a princess of a place called Gemworld, Amethyst’s stories are full of magic and fantasy as she juggles the two worlds she now holds dear. 
Get to know her in: Amethyst vol 01: Sword of Sorcery

Like all our lists, there are many more characters where these came from! Just come by and browse the comic or graphic novel section for a bit and you’re sure to come across a character or two you’re not familiar with or only know in passing. Give them a chance and you’ll be glad you did!