Spotlight On: Invisible Kingdom

August 17, 2020

This year’s Best New Series Eisner award went to a sci-fi epic published by Dark Horse – Invisible Kingdom. We couldn’t agree more with this selection! Invisible Kingdom is a beautiful and epic narrative, the likes of which can be compared to the groundbreaking Saga series.

Invisible Kingdom is currently ongoing, with the first 5 issues collected in a trade paperback titled Invisible Kingdom: Walking the Path. Taking place on a small world in outer space, this story centers around a clandestine relationship between a megacorporation and the world’s dominant religion. This relationship is uncovered by our two main characters – Grix, a freighter pilot, and Vess, a religious acolyte. Although they are unaware of one another’s presence as the story begins, Willow Wilson (writer) and Christian Ward (artist) create their connection in a way that is both seamless and natural. But what do you do when you discover a truth so powerful it could destroy society as you know it?

Artist Christian Ward also won the 2020 Eisner award for best digital artist for this series, and it is also well deserved. Not only is the artwork mesmerizing in its choice of color (somehow both vibrant and muted in turn), but also his composition, which sometimes says just as much as Willow Wilson’s fantastic writing.  Ward is best known for his previous work on the Image series ODY-C and Marvel’s Black Bolt. Wilson has had a celebrated career as well, with her most recent major success being the relaunch of Ms. Marvel and creation of the character Kamala Khan. 

Trust us, Invisible Kingdom is one series you won’t want to miss. While you’re at it, also consider checking out a few other winners from this year’s Eisner awards including Bitter Root (Best Continuing Series), Guts (Best Publication for Kids) and Little Bird (Best Limited Series). We can’t wait to see what you think!