Spotlight On: MLEM Space Agency

February 1, 2024

MLEM: Space Agency might not be on your gaming radar yet, but it’s bound to be soon! Cats and space? Yes please.

MLEM: Space Agency is a perfect pick for game night. It accommodates 2-5 players ages 8+ for 30-60 minutes. Players take on the role of captains embarking on fearless expeditions – but these are no ordinary human captains. That’s right, they’re CATS. Felines have conquered the earth and have set their sites on the rest of the cosmos. During gameplay, players put their catstronauts into a rocket and decide which special ability might help them in the current round. Dice rolling and push your luck mechanics keep this game particularly unpredictable, and you’ll feel some exciting tension develop at your table. The cat tokens and rocket ship meeples are reason enough to pick this one up.

Be sure to save your copy by placing a special order online! We’ll call you when it’s set aside and available for you to pick up. May the most fearsome feline prevail!