We Say Goodbye to Abbey

July 2, 2018

As we go through this thing called life we find that some days are much harder than other days. Today is one of those hard days for the Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® Austin family.

Our precious, gentle store kitty, Abbey, passed away this morning from complications of thyroid cancer.  To say that we are all hurting is a gross understatement.

Abbey was the chillest, sweetest, most loving cat we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  She loved to flop on her back and get belly rubs and more than anything she loved to eat!  Soft food, hard food, treats, cheeseburgers… she had a voracious appetite for all things yummy and it was difficult on the best of days to not indulge her in treats, especially when she looked at you with her bright green-yellow eyes.

None of us in life ever know what the next moment holds, so enjoy each other and your babies (be they human or furry).  Appreciate the moments, we sure did with Abbey.


Angie Blackmon