From Our CEO

June 10, 2020

To our dear friends, customers, and fellow comic book and game enthusiasts.

Events in recent days have helped to highlight the endemic and systematic racial prejudice and inequalities that exist in our culture, and that work to make the opportunities of people in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities less than what others enjoy. Inequalities in life expectancy, health care, economic opportunities, policing, education, , and in more areas than I, with my background, can imagine, must end.

Though our voice may be small, and our goal is to amplify the voices of the members of the BIPOC community, I feel that I must make it clear where we stand.

Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy ® supports #BlackLivesMatter. We loudly and enthusiastically support the end of systemic racism in our community, our country and, eventually, throughout the world. We call on those in power to end racial inequalities, to hold police officers responsible both civilly and criminally when they use excessive force to the fullest extent of the law and, where the law grants them immunity from prosecution, to change the laws to remove those immunities.

We also wish to remind everyone that WE have the power to enact change when we vote and raise our voices together to say “Change the system”. Vote in November.

We firmly and unequivocally believe and hold that the BIPOC members of our community should share the same rights, opportunities, and voices that everyone else does. That they should not be in fear of their lives when they walk, jog, drive or for any other reason. That they should expect and receive equal treatment under the law, and from law enforcement officers, and in all matters in our society. That they should not face inequities or inequality because of the color of their skin.

The fact that they suffer from inequalities MUST change and it must change NOW.

I am going to use the words of Captain America to put this clearly, “[It] Doesn’t matter if the whole world decides that something wrong is something right…. When…the whole world tells you to move your job is to plant yourself like a tree besides the river of truth and say, “No. You move.”*

We hold that it is wrong for members of the BIPOC communities to be subjected to systemic and endemic racism. We say to those who would keep such structures in place, “No. You move.”

David Wheeler
CEO, Dragon’s Lair LLC

*The words spoken by Captain America were written by J. Michael Straczynski.


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