Green Ronin Talent Search

April 19, 2017

Ever wanted to be a real gaming professional? Dream of walking into your local Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® and seeing your name on a book or box? Green Ronin wants to give you the chance!

In anticipation of their kickstarter for a dark fantasy RPG set in the Lost Citadel setting, Green Ronin has kicked off a talent search. Specifically, in this search, they’re “interested in hearing from women-identified and non-binary individuals with a passion for dark fantasy.” The Lost Citadel setting is a fantasy world enduring apocalyptic collapse. Magic is failing, nature is sickening, and the undead ravage the countryside. A lone city, Redoubt, holds out, but for how long?

As part of the wide-ranging “shared setting” project that is Lost Citadel, Green Ronin is crafting an RPG based on D&D 5e. Green Ronin will announce the winners of their talent search with the launch of the RPG’s Kickstarter campaign on June 6th.

To enter the talent search, you need to submit a single writing sample that demonstrates your mastery of “rules design, world-building/setting write-ups, character profiles, and fiction vignettes, as well as writing that aims to hybridize these elements.” Note that you don’t have to demonstrate mastery of either 5e or the Lost Citadel setting; you could instead use Green Ronin’s AGE system or Monte Cook Games’ Cypher system or any other RPG you feel most comfortable with. Your submission does need to adhere to the following three guidelines outlined by Green Ronin:

  • Submissions should be no longer than 3,000 total words.
  • Submissions should be sent with an introductory email that includes your name and contact information; during the evaluation stage we will be stripping the submissions of identifying information and assigning each a code number as part of a blind reading so they can be judged without regard to name, existing reputation (or lack thereof), or anything other than the quality of the work.
  • Submissions should be saved as a document file and sent as an email attachment to Don’t worry about heavy formatting, tone-appropriate font choices, or other stylistic flourishes.

Head over to Green Ronin’s blog for all the details. If you like what you see and want to encourage more contests like this, be sure to check out Green Ronin’s other games at your local Dragon’s Lair Fantasy and Comics® like Fantasy AGE and Blue Rose.

Best of luck to all who enter!


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