One String for Infinite Fun

March 30, 2023

Stringamajig, by Fireside Games, is a simple party game that combines charades and Pictionary, with you using a circular string to “draw” objects to help your friends guess a word.


In addition to the string, the game comes with a deck of cards.  On one side of the card are four words.  On the other side (the back) you’ll see one to four numbers.  When it’s your turn to draw a card, the card underneath the card you picked from the deck will tell you which words in your picked card you can use.  For instance, if the card under the one you drew has 2 and 3 on it, you can use either the second or third word from your card.  Sometimes you’ll get to pick from all four words, and sometimes the card will dictate which word you’ll try to help the others guess.  With at least part of the string touching the table and some of the string used to “draw” a picture, and without making any noises, you have to help the other players guess the word from your card.  If someone does guess it, you both earn a point.


Some words are Challenge Words.  Challenges come in three types.  The first makes you “draw” your picture with your eyes closed.  The second gives you a word related to the word you’re trying to help everyone guess; if anyone guesses the related word, nobody wins that card.  Finally, there are two-player words, where the string can come entirely off the table, but both of you have to have your hands on the string.  And you still can’t speak!


If you’re looking for a simple, amusing party game that’s great for breaking the ice, can be expanded to nearly any number of players and can be longer or shorter as your game night needs, you’ll want to add Stringamajig to your collection.  Ask the game experts at your local Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy® how you can get your hands on this silly string game today.