Project Black Flag Gets a Name and Cubicle 7 Joins the Fray

April 13, 2023

Project Black Flag has an Official Name
Kobold Press’ new 5e-compatible original RPG shall henceforth be known as Tales of the Valiant!

Cubicle 7 Throws Their Hat in the Ring
Cubicle 7 is no stranger to tinkering with the D&D 5e mechanics.  Their version of Tolkien’s Middle Earth for 5e was a very cool mix of low-magic and creeping darkness.  They’re just about the release a version of their Doctor Who RPG based on 5e rules called Doctors and Daleks.  Want to unleash the Nestene Consciousness on Waterdeep?  Soon you’ll be able to!

So it’s hardly any surprise that Cubicle 7 is also coming up with their own version of 5e fantasy, currently codenamed C7d20.  Their stated goals include:

  • Freedom: Create a standalone d20 based fantasy roleplaying system.
  • New and Old: A modern take on classic fantasy.
  • Familiarity: A system and world that feels familiar.
  • Evolution: Growing from the bones of 5e — C7d20 is an evolution, not a clone.  Keeping basic building blocks like Class, Species, and rolling a d20, but creating a more elegant gaming experience.
  • Compatibility: C7d20 will be compatible with 5e, and a conversion guide will support fans and allow them to use their 5e content with C7d20.

Their game will launch with seven supplements, including Uncharted Journeys and Broken Weave.  With Cubicle 7’s track-record, they’re certain to release a truly unique experience that will be fun to play on its own as well as pillage for rules, monsters, and other goodies for your own 5e games.