Starfinder’s First Adventure Path

October 7, 2017

Fans of Paizo will not be surprised to hear that there’s already an adventure path out for their new sci-fantasy RPG Starfinder. If you’ve been reading the core book and are interested in getting a game started at your local Dragons Lair Comics and Fantasy®, you should check out the first adventure for the Dead Suns path, Incident at Absalom Station.

Even if you don’t want to run the rest of the adventure path, Incident at Absalom Station is a good start. Absalom Station orbits in the path of the now missing planet Golarion. It makes a good home-base for the PCs and can also be the location of dangers and adventures as well. In addition, this first adventure includes stats and deck plans for a new ship specifically designed to serve the needs of adventuring PCs.

All that said, you could do far worse than run what we’ve seen so far of the Dead Suns path. The action starts with the PCs walking into a riot that’s actually cover for nefarious doings about a derelict ship that’s arrived at Absalom Station with all its crew dead. Investigating this incident will lead the PCs on a race across, and then beyond, known space to acquire an ancient super-weapon of mind-boggling design.

We only have the first two installments of this adventure path, but so far they’re everything we’ve come to expect from Paizo, with a good mix of investigation, exploration, and, of course, combat. It’s by turns epic and comedic as well, with the well-known pyromaniacal goblins making their space-age debut with their usual panache.

Incident at Absalom Station is a 64 page, full-color paperback. Like most installments to Paizo’s adventure paths, it includes adventures as well as additional gaming material like new monsters to encounter and fight, new treasures to acquire and use, as well as a gazetteer for Absalom Station itself.