Dragon’s Lair North Houston Celebrates a Birthday!

December 1, 2021

Christine and Robert Prohl dreamed of opening a comic and game store for 20 years, and finally realized this dream in December 2016 in Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy®, located in Northwest Houston.  “The goal was to create an environment that would be welcoming to all, and with the help of both our customers and our local community, I think we’ve been successful,” recounts Robert.  The store serves as a focal point for fans of comics and games to gather and share their enthusiasm as well as enjoy an ample play-space for both casual and organized gaming events.  The store also hosts multiple kid-friendly camps to teach various card, board, and role-playing games that coincide with their school district’s vacation calendar.

This weekend, December 3-5, Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy® will celebrate its fifth anniversary. Along with a variety of in-store events, the store will be holding a Toys for Tots Toy drive.  Donations to the toy box will earn a raffle ticket for great comic and game-related prizes.  Coinciding with their anniversary, the store is preparing to expand from the current four-thousand square foot location to a new ten thousand square foot space in the same shopping center.  The extra space will be used to expand the retail area, host larger events, offer private gaming rooms, and maintain a dedicated café within the store.

“We have to thank the community and our customers for the chance to build this new space,” said Christine.  “It’s because of our them that we have grown to this point, and it’s for them that we’re building the new, larger store.”


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