The Grand Masquerade – A DND EPIC

Event Date

October 28, 2023 - October 28, 2023

Event Date

October 28, 2023 - October 28, 2023

Date: Saturday October 28th
Time: 10AM
Cost: $5+tax
Seat Cap: 30

A DnD epic is a multi table adventure where multiple groups are rushing towards the same objective. However this is a small twist you successes may help your fellow groups, but should your performance be deemed lacking it could make the adventure a little harder for everyone!
With Halloween right around the corner get ready to masquerade with the vampire lords of Ravenloft in a thrilling adventure to find a missing scholar. You will have to be swift to find your target, but be careful not to get caught though you have no idea who maybe friend or foe!
Participants will be encouraged to dress up but will not be required! There will be prizes for best dressed, as well as some random giveaways! It will cost $5+tax to participate per person. All players will be starting at level 1 and this epic will be using the Ravenloft campaign setting. To Sign up adventure into the store or call over the phone and provide your email that is attached to a account.


Dragon’s Lair Medical Center
7959 Fredericksburg Rd #129, San Antonio, TX 78229


October 28, 2023 - October 28, 2023


10:00 am - 4:00 pm



Seat Cap