The RPGs of 2023

March 23, 2023

As promised, there’s a lot happening with RPGs this year, especially in the fantasy space.  And we should expect to see even more, now that the core of 5th edition D&D is now under a Creative Commons license.  Let’s check in and see what’s happening.


Kobold Press has released the first two playtest documents for their Black Flag project.  It appears to be an attempt to make 5.5th edition for D&D.  Clearly, the plan is to be to OneD&D what Pathfinder was to 4th edition D&D.  At any rate, if you want to just stick with 5th edition, keep your eye on Black Flag.



We continue to see amazing production values and depth from Cubicle 7’s books and boxed sets.  Coming at the end of the year, we’ll be getting the Lustria book for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.  The savage continent of the distant west includes such marvels as the great temple-city Tlaxtlan, Dark Elf corsairs, a Norse outpost, rules for founding and managing settlements, and Skink PCs.

If you prefer to stick to 5th edition D&D, there are two fun offerings for you.  Arriving in the third quarter of this year is Uncharted Journeys, resources and rules for overland travelling.  No more need you handwave a month-long journey overland, but now you can make the journey an adventure in itself.  In addition to new rules to make the trip more interesting for the players across a broad range of terrain types (from arctic tundra to haunted lands ruled by the undead), there are also resources for making NPCs to meet along the way as well as the ruins they may come across.

But if you’re hungering for adventures across all of space and time, the same team that created Uncharted Journeys is released Doctors and Daleks, Doctor Who adventures using the rules for 5th edition D&D.  The books should release in the next few months, but there’s still time to preorder your copy.


Modiphius has their new Achtung! Cthulhu sourcebook, The Serpent & the Sand.  Not only is it a complete guidebook to North Africa, including all manner of new backgrounds, characteristics, and talents to build a character out of, but you also get a ten-part adventure campaign that takes characters from Alexandria to the hidden city of Sethopolis, the capital of an ancient Ophidian empire being resurrected by sorcerous snakeperson.


Finally, for those who missed it, Free League released the Blade Runner RPG, based on the amazing sci-fi movies and using the same Year Zero engine that powers their ALIEN and Tales From the Loop games.  This game is out already, so if you want your copy, talk to the RPG experts at your local Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy® about securing your copy today!